Rustic open-faced sandwichesDKK
Roast beef with tarragon-mayo, pickled beet, fried onion and cress85,-
Sliced potato with lovage-mayo, shrimp and potato crisps75,-
Filet of fish with lemon-mayo, shrimp, lingonberries and dill85,-
Chicken salad with smoked potato and carrot crisps75,-
Tatar with dried egg yolk, horseradish, pickled onions, lovage-mayo and cress120,-
Christians Ø herring with egg yolk, onion, capers and crème fraiche80,-
Lunch platter
Herring, filet of fish, chicken salad, potato, cheese and rhubarb trifle
Parisian Patties with classical condiments135,-
Ripe cheese on ryebread with spiced lard, au jus and onions80,-
3 or 5 cheeses with condiments90,- / 150,-
Cake of the day55,-
Coffee & cake af the day75,-
Sweets for the coffee – 2 pcs. Petit four20,-

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