Evening menu

Fried cauliflower with vinaigrette, hazelnut, pistachio and summer truffle95,-
Salted cod, burnt onion with coriander, Danish cheese, lemon thyme and dill115,-
Danish traditional starter – 2 different kind of scrimps, hollandaise and dried dill110,-
Main CoursesDKK
Veal tenderloin with puffed potato, horseradish, capers, lemon, green asparagus and sauce240,-
Fried breast of chicken with poached and pickled summer leek, crunch, herbs and sauce with rhubarb, smoked marrow and parsley    235,-
Main courses are served with new Danish potatoes with butter and herbs


Desserts & CheeseDKK
Icecreme with pickled rhubarb, fresh cheese, crisp milch, buttermilch and woodruff110,-
Chocolate bar with strawberries, verbena granite, strawberry syrup and pepper105,-
3 good cheeses with garnish110,-
Dish of the day incl. 1 Krenkerup beer/soda – Served Monday to Thursday135,-
3-courses SAXKJØBING MENU349,-
For the kids or if you want vegetarian food- ask the waiter

The menu is valid from June 01, 2018