Open Sandwiches

Marinated herring from Christiansø, served with whipped creme fraiche, capers, pickled onion and raw eggyolk  

kr. 105,-

Herring marinated in currydressing with apples, red onion and soft-boiled egg

kr. 95,-

Salad of peeled Nordsø shrimp, creme fraiche, dill, radish and soft-boiled egg.

Served on toasted bread                                                                                                                     

kr. 105,-

Fried filet of plaice, served with homemade remoulade and fresh herbs                    

 kr. 115,-

Fried filet of plaice, served with hand peeled shrimp and lemon mayonnaise                  

kr. 145,-

New potatoes with potatochips, lovage mayonnaise and fresh cress               

kr. 95,

Fried jerusalem artichokes with oickled onion, creme fraiche anfd flower cress                           

kr. 95,-

Confit chicken salad from Dalbakkegård with pickled salsify, terragon and crispy skin

kr. 95,-

Tartare of local beef, pickled beetroot and cured eggyolk.

kr. 115,-

Warm dishes

Beef Paris – roasted minced beef with capers, red onion, pickles, horseradish and raw eggyolk  


Tartlet – Dalbakkegård chicken in sauce veluté with pickled salsify, served in a vol au vent of baked puff pastry     

kr. 125,-

Cheese and desserts

3 danish cheeses with panfried ryebread and homemade “jam”         kr. 115,-                                    

Compote from local rhubarb with rhubarbsorbet, liqurice and buttermilk foam    kr. 95,-                       

Cake of the day kr. 60,-