Lunch menu

Rustic open faced-sandwiches DKK
Rye flour bread fillet of plaice with coarse remoulade, apples, herbs and lemon 79,-
Chicken salad on butter.fried homemade white bread 75,-
Fried herring with compote ot apples, capers and onion 69,-
Roast beef with pickles on kale, apples, summer vegetables and crisp onion 75,-
Mashed apples with pork slices and Jerusalem artichoke 65,-
3 Rustic open-faces sanwiches chosen by the kitchen inkl. 1 Møn beer/water 199,-
Herring platter

Christians Ø herring with créme fraiche, onion and yolk – fried herring with compote of apples, capers and onions – whit herring with curry salad and onion

Parision Patties with classical condiments 135,-
Ripe cheese on ryebread with spiced lard, au jus and onions 80,-
The sweet kitchen DKK
Braised pineapple with olive oil sorbet 85,-
3 or 5 local cheese with accompaniment 90,- /150,-
Cake of the day 55,-
Coffee & cake of the day 75,-
Sweets for the coffee – 3 pcs. Valhrona chocolate 36,-

Informations and content af allergens is given by our staff