Evening menu

Startes DKK
Tatar of scallop with rosehip, pink pepper and yoghurt 115,-
Baked violet carrots with chamomile flower, sorrel, hay oil and wild herbs 95,-
Mackerel in tomato 120,-
Main course DKK
Veal with caramelized onion shells, onion essence and green lemon thyme oil 245,-
Venison with aromatic spices, rehydrated beetroot, mushroom broth and raw marinated beetroot 240,-
Main courses are served with Pommes Anna
Desserts & cheese DKK
Elderflower mousse, skyr ice-cream, elderflower juice and lemon verbena 95,-
Pear with lemon thyme ice-cream and pear broth 95,-
3 local chesses with garnish 110,-

Served from 2 March 2018